Brand Story

Since our inception in 2006, Good Harvest 大丰收鱼庄 has opened more than 50 managed stores in China, including 10 various cities such as Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong – all cherished by our consumers. From the start until now, we’ve adhered to the same high-quality standards and unified management. From the procurement of raw materials to the process of delivering high-quality meals to a plate – Good Harvest has established a standard for impeccable service and perfection in its offerings.

People familiar with Good Harvest know our signature hot pot dish – famous ”Pepper Crunch Fish.” Famous for its unique taste and quality – soon the industry followed suit.

In this signature dish, Good Harvest’s fish pot uses a special fish from the province of Guangdong, known for its unique focus on breeding crispy fish. Featuring harvest bell peppers and northwest Hainan pepper as the main ingredients – combined with our own unique secret recipe of various brewed beans, more than twenty kinds of natural spices, and methods to retain the juiciest and nutritious fish – Good Harvest achieves perfect unity. We praise our formal and high-quality management behind our cuisine – so that each of our plates produces a memorable dish that people will never forget.

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